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Chess is a board game played by two players on a special chess board with pieces and pawns

The Figures Are:  King ,Queen, Bishop, Knight, Rook and Pawns.

The chessboard consists of 8 vertical rows (files) and 8 horizontal rows (ranks), which form 64 squares.

The party is divided into three stages:

The beginning of the game is the debut – opening. The opening in which one side sacrifices a pawn for the sake of gaining an advantage is called a gambit, from the Italian gambetto – a footboard.

Middle of the game: middlegame.

End of the game: endgame.

The goal of the game is to checkmate the opponent’s king, that is, to strike the king (check – check), from which it is impossible to defend.

Another outcome of the game may be a draw. The parties may agree to a draw or a draw position may arise during the game, for example, stalemate, a situation in which one side cannot make a move, but it is not defeated, it is not checkmated.

In most cases, the inevitable defeat of one of the parties is noticeable already a few moves before it should happen. Chess players consider it indecent to continue the game if there is no point in it, so the losing side, as a rule, gives up (to resign).

For this reason, among experienced players, games usually end with the surrender of one of the sides or a draw.

Chess is played with a time limit at competitions. If a player runs out of time, he is also counted as a defeat. The situation when the player has little time left is called “time pressure”.

There Are Also Three Non-Standard Chess Moves:

Castling – under certain conditions, the king and the rook can simultaneously change positions. In fact, these are two moves in one.

Taking on the passage (en passent, from fr. “on the pass”) – when a pawn “jumps” through a field located by the opponent’s pawn, it can be taken by this opponent’s pawn in a return move. In practice, taking on the pass happens quite rarely.